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A Goddess in the Stones: Travels in India by Norman Lewis

By Norman Lewis

A attention-grabbing portrait of the eclectic tribes of India and the distant areas that they inhabit

In the Nineties, the fifty-four million individuals of India’s tribal colonies accounted for seven percentage of the country’s overall population—yet little or no approximately them was once recorded. Norman Lewis depicts India’s jungles as being endangered via “progress,” and his experience of urgency in recording what he can in regards to the country’s designated tribes ends up in a compelling and fascinating narrative. From the poetic Muria humans whose nutrition contains monkeys, pink ants, and crocodiles, to the tranquil mountain tribes who could be on the topic of the Australian Aborigines, to the bare Mundas those that could shoot, with bow and arrow, someone who laughs of their course, Lewis chronicles the original features of the various tribes that locate their lifestyle more and more threatened through the encroachment of modernity.

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