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A Distant Puzzle: The Planet Uranus by Isaac Asimov

By Isaac Asimov

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C. 20003 PA-ESB The Planetary Society 65 North Catalina Avenue Pasadena, C A 91106 Jet Propulsion 30 Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 Laboratory Public Affairs 180-201 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena, C A 91109 Glossary astronomer: a who scientist studies the worlds beyond diameter: a straight radio telescope: an instrument line across the center of a circle that uses a radio receiver our Earth, including the or sphere from one side to other planets, the stars, the other and antenna to both see into space and listen for messages from space.

Perhaps there was another large planet beyond it that had not yet been discovered. The gravitational pull of this more distant planet wdsn allowed found, and for If this were considered, might account for Uranus 's not yet been found. If not, what causes that last bit of lag? discovered, it didn 't 't it a very small lag in Uranus 's motion around the Sun that cannot be explained by the presence of either Neptune or tiny Pluto, which was discovered in 1930. Is there another large planet beyond Neptune?

Objects like planets and axis: the imaginary line planet rotates. rings: bits of matter that helium: a light, colorless gas that, along with hydrogen, makes up the atmosphere of Uranus. celestial bodies and even landing on some of them. " one billion would then be represented by 1 followed by twelve zeroes In these countries, 1,000,000,000,000: Bode's Law: a formula far that quantity, or amount, of matter know exists and believe may exist. later turned out to be false. crater: a hole in the ground caused by a volcanic explosion or meteor strike.

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