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A Beginners Guide to Tibetan Buddhism: Notes from a by Bruce Newman

By Bruce Newman

This can be a ground-level, practice-oriented presentation of Tibetan Buddhism—personal and intensely obtainable. The publication starts with the awakening of scholars' curiosity in spirituality and the preliminary come across with Tibetan Buddhism, then leads us via all of the steps important for winning perform within the West. integrated is succinct guidance on discovering a suitable instructor, receiving empowerments, changing into lively in a middle, and launching and maintaining a Vajrayana perform. exact emphasis is put on the aptitude pitfalls, and the really good merits, of the guru-disciple courting.

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They feel that they need to indulge in their usual discursiveness and that it is necessary to have an ego or self-image around which to structure their lives. The presence of the lama is living proof that this is simply not the case. Third, the lama is a source of blessings. Although it is impossible to demonstrate in a laboratory the nature and existence of these blessings, I'm sure any sincere practitioner feels from the bottom of her heart that she is indeed being blessed. I feel that this blessing takes three broad forms.

34 A Beginner's Guide to Tibetan Buddhism At every empowerment you will hear how unique and special it is. " This praise is to meant engender the proper faith and openness; it is not really meant to be the basis of comparison. Next, refuge and bodhichitta prayers are repeated after the lama. If you don't know what this means, I will be explaining each of these in a later chapter. These correspond to the Hinayana and Mahayana levels of practice and commitment. The samaya vows (explained at the end of this chapter) are given with some saffron water or alcoholic liquor to seal the commitment, along with a stern warning about what may happen to those who break these commitments.

Twenty-fifth day of the lunar month: Dakini day. Dakinis are female emanations of the buddhas, either wrathful or semi-wrathful. Twenty-ninth day of the lunar month: Protector day. Protectors are the wrathful guardians of the teachings. You probably will not be allowed to attend unless you've had the empowerment for this one. Thirtieth day of the Tibetan lunar month: New moon. Another peaceful day. 42 A Beginner's Guide to Tibetan Buddhism Many Westerners, myself included, have a problem with Tibetan rituals.

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