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7 Secrets Of Shiva (The 7 Secret Series, Book 3) by Devdutt Pattanaik

By Devdutt Pattanaik

Smeared with ash, draped in animal disguise, he sits atop the snow-capped mountain, cranium in hand, withdrawn, with canines for corporation, destroying the realm along with his indifference. he's God who the Goddess shall wake up. His identify is Shiva. Locked in his tales, symbols and rituals are the secrets and techniques of our ancestors. This booklet makes an attempt to liberate seven.

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Thomas Christians surmised in India with the alleged news of Prester John’s kingdom said to be located somewhere in Ethiopia or India (Rogers 1962: 94, 97, passim). The popular genre also brought together classical and modern sources, that is Augustine, Pliny the Elder, and Strabo on the one hand, and Marco Polo, Nicolò de Conti, and Poggio Bracciolini on the other, to buttress and illustrate publications such as De ritu et moribus indorum (On the Rites and Customs of the Indians) or Treatise on the Ten Nations and Sects of Christians, which were frequently published in one and the same collection.

To make it very clear, this is not to say that Goa’s syncretism is apolitical or that the people engaging in it are not tolerant. Syncretism is of course part of political interests, strategic action, and power relations. It marks a rhetorical value in the political discourse, it is attacked by conservative forces, and it can even be a strategy of subaltern resistance, as we will see. Similarly, tolerant attitudes cannot be categorically discarded from syncretistic expressions and practices, and I am inclined to say that people appreciating them and engaging in them are as tolerant and intolerant as anybody else who is not involved in syncretism.

Sanjay Subrahmanyam pays the closest attention to the Calicut episode of all modern scholars of Indo-Portuguese history, yet he conspicuously abstains from addressing the intricacies mentioned by Pearson. For Subrahmanyam, Da Gama’s error simply was a short-lived “gaffe” triggered by “the fact that the Portuguese were momentarily convinced that large Christian kingdoms awaited them in Asia, and could be used as allies against the Mamluks and other Middle Eastern Muslim rivals” (2001: 26). He buttresses his thesis in another book by relating it to the curious information regarding the Christians living in the East that was delivered to the Portuguese captain by a man known as Gaspar da Gama or Gaspar of India.

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