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101 questions and answers on demon powers by Lester Sumrall

By Lester Sumrall

Publication by way of Sumrall, Lester

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101 questions and answers on demon powers

Ebook by means of Sumrall, Lester

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He possessed perfection of beauty and wisdom. ” No other creature was given such a name. He was called "the anointed cherub" and was elevated to a special and privileged place. His very garments were made of precious stones, reflecting the blazing glory of the Trinity. How did this glorious archangel become the devil? The Bible is very careful to tell us: Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness (Ezek. 28:17). This means that pride came into his heart.

The child was carried out and buried, an actual victim of demonic murder. 24. When a demon is cast out, is there danger of it running amuck and harassing or possessing innocent persons present? No, there is no danger of an innocent person being troubled by an evil spirit as it is cast out. The person who exorcises a demon and sets the possessed individual free can also determine what the unseated spirit can and cannot do. The Bible gives an excellent example of this in Matthew, chapter 8. Jesus cast out the devils from two men in the country of the Gergesenes.

If God is not pleased with our discussing the forces of evil, why did Jesus say more about evil than He did about any other subject in the Bible? The only one I know who does not want the devil discussed is the devil himself. His reasons for seeking anonymity are the same reasons the Mafia and the underground syndicates seek to avoid public scrutiny. Leaders of organized crime don't want to be revealed for what they are. Neither does Satan. If this question refers to constant talking about the devil, I would say that I personally spend more than ninety percent of my time preaching about the greatness of Christ and the blessings of Christian living.

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