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The enduro abides

There’s something extra special about a good enduro bike — that rare breed of machine that lets you first ride to the trail, then ride up it, then ride home again. That go-anywhere freedom is at the heart of motorcycling, and few bikes can truly go anywhere (at least legally) like an enduro can. While …

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It’s a Honda CB250, eh. Part two.

In part one, Jeff and I had buttoned up the engine and carbs for a cool old canadian Honda CB250 — a bike with a romantic history. There was a lot left to do. The following Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I met down at the shop to get the CB250 looking more like a complete …

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It’s a Honda CB250, eh. Part one.

The story of this bike begins a couple years ago with a guy called Wayne. Wayne lived well up north in Minnesota near the Canadian border. That’s where he bought this Honda CB250 at a local antique store for an untold sum of money. You see, the Honda CB250 is actually a Canadian bike. That …

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The mother of invention

There are a hundred clichés about being ingenious, but usually the necessity in question comes down to one thing: cash. Sometimes when you’re up against it, you’ve got to improvise. At the beginning of the year, our big shop air compressor died on us. All our big tools run on compressed air. Our grinders, our …

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The little things

It’s hot outside. I almost miss the bite of winter. Almost. Summer sunshine and warm air mean that people are finally out on their bikes. It also means that the shop is bustling with bikes in for service. While we love the big restoration projects, our bread and butter is far less glamourous. It’s tune-ups, …

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Restoring a family machine

In 1963, Erik’s dad bought an Allstate Vespa VNB from the Cushman Motors down on Franklin in Minneapolis. Dad rode the little slate gray scooter everywhere, including back home to Iowa a few times. After years of faithful service, Dad signed up for service of his own: the US Navy. The VNB went into storage …

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For the love of an old machine

An ’80s era Japanese scooter is not a glamorous machine by most standards. When I first laid eyes on this Honda Elite 250, it had most of its body panels pulled off and its fuel tank removed. It needed a new petcock, fuel lines, and a few other odds and ends. A lot of people …

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Sometimes stock is best

There’s something elegantly wonderful about a highly tuned, big bore racing engine. Take this 1962 Lambretta LI-125. This bike was not only restored when Joe and Rochelle bought it, it was highly kitted. The 125cc italian thumper had been kitted and tuned up to 190cc of high-strung fury. This turned an already quick little Lammy …

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Healing a sick Honda. Part 3

In part two, Jeff and I got the CM400 drivetrain completely sorted out. For the first time in almost a year, my wife’s 1981 CM400 Custom was finally running and running well, but it was still missing some much needed character. We lowered the lift and parked the bike off to the side. Jeff took …

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Atrophy is the enemy of speed

Some things in life work in the opposite way you expect them to. Nikon camera lenses screw on anti-clockwise. Lady Gaga’s music is catchy as hell. Electric cars can be fast. The term is “counterintuitive” if you want to get all brainy about it. With motorcycles — especially older ones — you’d think that if …

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