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The season in photos 2011

With the riding season winding down, I’m feeling reflective. So much has happened and so much has changed down at BlueCat Motors this year. There were so many stories we could have told, even if I was only able to get to some of them here on the website. Big projects, small chores, restorations, rebuilds, …

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Winter Storage 2011

With highs struggling to edge into the 50s, it’s hard not to feel fatalistic about the Minnesota winter. It’s coming. There’s no stopping it. We’re headed away from the sun at some tangential portion of 66,000 mph. So while riding season isn’t over yet, it’s drying up quick. That has us thinking about the exciting …

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Autumn Throws Us a Bone

Autumn is my favorite time to ride. The fall of 2007 was when I took up riding in the first place, so every year it feels like coming home. It’s a season of change, and a season of uncertainty. Any given day from September on could be gorgeous, could be cold, could be wet or …

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Beware the privateer

Times are tough. People are doing whatever they can to try to save money. We get that. It can be tempting to cut the occasional corner to save a little cash. However, when it comes to keeping your motorcycle in working order, cutting corners will usually cost you more in the long run. This doesn’t …

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Restoration Services

BlueCat Motors Restoration Services

We believe there's nothing sweeter than an old machine running as good as, if not better, than when it rolled off the factory line. A close second is when that machine looks as good as it runs. That's why we offer comprehensive vintage motorcycle restoration services. Whether it's a concourse bike, a resto-mod custom, or even your own take on the perennial Cafe Racer, give us a call at (651) 645-1172 and we'll get the wheels rolling.

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