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The Mid-season push

It’s been a busy season so far, and things aren’t slowing down. There’s not a day goes by lately that a customer doesn’t bring us a bike for service. When you’re a repair shop, that’s the best kind of busy. Usually it’s nothing fancy, just a tune-up or a tire change, but in a way …

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It’s a CB250, EH. Part three.

In part two, Jeff had gotten the CB250 fired up again after an extensive engine rebuild and reassembly. There were a few odds and ends still left to tie up, though. The original grip still had to get wrestled off the old handlebars. During reassembly, I’d spent 20 minutes and cubic yards of compressed air …

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In honor of Third Thursday

…which, by the way, is tomorrow night:

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What does Cafe Racer even mean anymore?

Thanks to shows like Discover HD Theater’s Cafe Racer TV and its sister magazine, Café Racer, the motorcycle style of the same name is currently enjoying a renaissance in the American zeitgeist. We were even part of a Cafe Racer Q&A this year at the IMS. It doesn’t get much more commercial than that. If …

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The enduro abides

There’s something extra special about a good enduro bike — that rare breed of machine that lets you first ride to the trail, then ride up it, then ride home again. That go-anywhere freedom is at the heart of motorcycling, and few bikes can truly go anywhere (at least legally) like an enduro can. While …

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Something borrowed, something Bluecat

Last autumn we bought a building. This ’50s service station turned alternator workshop was definitely rough around the edges. In the months that followed, we made it our own and continue to tweak and optimize the space. Thing is, we didn’t purchase our little building on Prior Ave for its classic mojo alone. We wanted …

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Restoration Services

BlueCat Motors Restoration Services

We believe there's nothing sweeter than an old machine running as good as, if not better, than when it rolled off the factory line. A close second is when that machine looks as good as it runs. That's why we offer comprehensive vintage motorcycle restoration services. Whether it's a concourse bike, a resto-mod custom, or even your own take on the perennial Cafe Racer, give us a call at (651) 645-1172 and we'll get the wheels rolling.

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