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Spring Tune Up

It may only be 34 degrees outside, but spring has sprung here at the shop. We know that you’re itching to get out on the road. Before you hit the pavement, it might be wise to get your bike looked at. Give us a call and schedule a quick tune up. We’ll check the usual …

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Sell your bike through BCM

Have you got a motorcycle or scooter you like to sell? We can help. Consign your bike with us at our shop. For you We’ll give your machine a mechanical review so that your buyers will know exactly what they’re looking at. That way, you’ll be sure to get a fair price for your motorcycle …

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The dark arts

In his book Shop Class as Soulcraft Matthew Crawford skillfully documents our evolution from a culture of craftsmen and DIY mechanics to a culture of office drones and endless consumers of disposable goods. He doesn’t lay it out in judgement, simply as a steady and significant change. There was a time when the Sears catalog …

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So Japan is in pretty serious trouble right now. We all know that. The humanitarian need is huge and thankfully, people everywhere are finding ways to help. One way motorcycle fans can help is through MOTO FOR JAPAN. It’s simply a pass-through for donations to the Red Cross, but it’s got a great message behind …

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Healing a sick Honda. Part 3

In part two, Jeff and I got the CM400 drivetrain completely sorted out. For the first time in almost a year, my wife’s 1981 CM400 Custom was finally running and running well, but it was still missing some much needed character. We lowered the lift and parked the bike off to the side. Jeff took …

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Atrophy is the enemy of speed

Some things in life work in the opposite way you expect them to. Nikon camera lenses screw on anti-clockwise. Lady Gaga’s music is catchy as hell. Electric cars can be fast. The term is “counterintuitive” if you want to get all brainy about it. With motorcycles — especially older ones — you’d think that if …

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BCM at the IMS

If I ever run into Punxsutawney Phil, I’m going to punch that lying rodent right in his giant front teeth. It’s still winter. I keep checking the 10-day extended weather forecasts looking for some ray of warm hope. Nothing yet. So we’re having to get inventive about ways to scratch our motorcycle itches as winter …

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Restoration Services

BlueCat Motors Restoration Services

We believe there's nothing sweeter than an old machine running as good as, if not better, than when it rolled off the factory line. A close second is when that machine looks as good as it runs. That's why we offer comprehensive vintage motorcycle restoration services. Whether it's a concourse bike, a resto-mod custom, or even your own take on the perennial Cafe Racer, give us a call at (651) 645-1172 and we'll get the wheels rolling.

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